Sometimes I wonder how much I owe to serendipity. Certainly this amazing diamond found its way to me as though by fate. In Geneva while on business - the air crystalline and electric - I ran into a colleague I’d not seen in years. “It’s remarkable timing running into you.

You’ve been on my mind.” Over coffee, she explained that she had just seen a diamond and thought of me. A mutual acquaintance was handling the sale. My interest piqued, I phoned and was pleasantly surprised to set a meeting straightway in an elegant hotel alongside Lake Geneva.


At the hotel, I took the lift to the second floor and met the gentleman in the hallway, whereupon he produced an ordinary envelope from his breast pocket and removed this magnificent ring. Moving to a window to view it in the natural light glittering off of Lake Geneva, I was mesmerized by its magical character. Seven minutes later, I owned it.

I suppose nothing compares with Swiss precision: from the moment I met my friend for coffee to the purchase of this exquisite ring, but an hour had passed. When you are on the right path – one that lets your soul dance – events turn as if governed by the precise workings of a watch, a precision I sense most clearly when life happens like clockwork.


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