Green Magic


Ephemeral, and illusory, the iridescent dragonfly has always been the stuff of symbol and legend. Ancient cultures viewed this mysterious creature with awe. For the Chinese, it was the harbinger of good news. To the Japanese, the dragonfly is still an emblem of light and joy. Here in the west it is thought by some that having one land on you is an omen for good luck.

This particular Marcus & Company dragonfly once lived in the jewelry box of the wife of Henry Osborne Havermeyer, a sugar baron, who sold the vast majority of the refined sugar sold in the United States right around the turn of the 19th century. Perhaps when this elegant dragonfly landed on her, it brought great fortune. One never knows. I do know this: when It flew into my life two years ago, I viewed it with awe. With wonder. And it has most certainly brought me light and joy!


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