About fifteen years ago, I came across my first Art Deco gem set charm, one designed with a delightful, romantic twist. I was bitten at once by the desire to collect them. Along the way since then, I have acquired some 35 charms - expressions of love, luck and whimsy - and assembled them into a bracelet for my wife, Linda. Over the years, I hope to find enough of these fanciful notions for two more bracelets to be passed down to my daughters.

There is something in a charm bracelet that draws you in, asks you to spend more time with it. Each of the charms is its own story. The outsider wonders at it - at the mystery of these stories linked together around a woman's wrist. As I reflect on this bracelet it occurs to me that a charmed life is much like a charm bracelet; we string together exquisite moments, bright storied points in time that become bejeweled memories.

And we link them together with love.


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