Strong Ties


I once came across a book, The Encyclopedia of Knots and Fancy Rope Work. First published in 1939, its 700-pages is an incredible work, intricately detailing the history of knots and rope work chock full of beautiful examples. How would I not become wrapped up in a book like this? After all, tying together jewels in ropes and threads of precious metal has always been the province of the jeweler.

But what truly fascinates me is the notion of knots as metaphors. A knot might suggest the interconnectedness of the universe; or it might communicate the notion of eternity. Sometimes, a knot can even channel the complexity of human emotion. I like to think, for example, that love is a knot. It is a mooring that inextricably connects us. It is our tether. Our anchor line. And that, you see, was the inspiration for this piece.

I call the Love Knot Bracelet. And it is meant to be worn by a woman loved so deeply as never to be unbound from the man who gives it to her.


Tatum Design